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DVD Releases

Each season of Will & Grace was initially individually released on DVD by Lions Gate in the US between 2003 and 2008.

After the series wrapped, a complete boxed set was then released with additional bonus features as well as an expanded season 2 finale.

To date, this was the last time the series was released on disc and is now out of print.

In many cases, the individual seasons were released many years after they were available overseas.

In regards to the various versions overseas, these releases were done by Universal (as well as other companies) and do not, unfortunately, include any unreleased footage aside from the expanded Cheaters episode. In fact, many of the 1 hour episodes have been further split into their syndicated versions.

One bonus of the international discs are that seasons 3-8 are available in 16x9 versions. Although the show was filmed in widescreen, it wasn’t broadcast as such until season 7. The international releases are the only way to see the show in 16x9 on disc. To date, seasons 1 and 2 have never been released in 16x9 anywhere in the world.

The notes included in this article refer only to differences between the US DVD’s and the original broadcasts.

Season 1

Contains 22 uncut episodes

Season 2

Ben? Her? (2.23) – This episode was split into 2 part syndicated episodes for the individual boxed set. However, that was later corrected for the full complete series boxed set as well as the compilation “Best of Love & Marriage.”

Season 3

Gypsies, Tramps and Weed (3.07) – Syndicated version

Cheaters (3.15) – This Super-size episode appears as its originally broadcast version, without the extra footage later added for syndication. It is also incorrectly labeled as “Part 1.” However, various international versions contain the 2-part longer syndicated episodes. This is also the only episode in the history of the series to be expanded by its syndication.

Season 4

Contains 27 uncut episodes

Season 5

Women and Children First (5.16) – Syndicated, removing about 6 1/2 minutes

Dolls and Dolls (5.21) – Syndicated, removing about 4 minutes

May Divorce Be With You (5.22) – Syndicated, removing about 4 1/2 minutes

23 (5.23) – Syndicated, removing 6 1/2 minutes

24 (5.24) – Syndicated, removing 8 minutes

Season 6

Dames at Sea (6.01) – Syndicated, removing approx 5 1/2 minutes

A-Story, Bee-Story (6.05) – Syndicated, removing approx 3 minutes

Strangers With Candace (6.09) – Syndicated, removing approx 2 minutes

Ice Cream Balls (6.13) – Syndicated, removing approx 6 1/2 minutes

Season 7

Friends with Benefits (7.22) – This episode is presented in its syndicated cut version. However, collectors can find the full, original version on the 2007 Emmy consideration promo DVD. Approximately 1 minute of footage is missing.

Season 8

Alive and Schticking (8.01) – Only East Coast feed included

Bathroom Humor (8.11) – Only East Coast feed included

Other Notes

The bloopers on season 7 have been censored/edited for the US edition. Approximately 1 minute of footage has been removed when compared to the international versions.

The Clip Show and Guest Star Clip show, which originally aired on NBC have never been included on an official release.

The deleted scenes from Marry Me A Little, Marry Me A Little More, as well as the "pop-up" episode of Homojo as aired on NBC have never been released.

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