Queens for a Day

Title “Queens for a Day”
Episode # 7.10 (149)
Season # 7
Original Airdate 25-Nov-2004
Writers Kirk J. Rudell
Producers Alex Herschlag & Dave Flebotte and James Burrows
Director James Burrows

Plot Synopsis

When Vince's mother injures her leg and is unable to make her traditional Italian Thanksgiving, Will comes to the rescue by offering to make his own special dinner — but Vince's slap-happy mother refuses to give Will any credit. Meanwhile, Jack gives Vince's sister Ro a few pointers on a big secret she is keeping from her family and fiancé. Elsewhere, Grace and Karen get very cozy with Vince's much younger cousin.


  • Eric McCormack (Will Truman)
  • Debra Messing (Grace Adler)
  • Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland)
  • Megan Mullally (Karen Walker)

Guest Cast

  • Bobby Cannavale (Vince D'Angelo)
  • Lee Garlington (Annette D'Angelo)
  • Robert Costanzo (Paul D'Angelo)
  • Jamie-Lynn DiScala (Ro D'Angelo)
  • Josh Keaton (Salvatore)
  • Marissa Matrone (Aunt Angie)
  • Benjamin Spunger (Matt)
  • Gina Morelli (Grandma)


  • Special One Hour Episode. f/k/a "Everybody Loves Vince".
  • Grace makes a reference to the ruined Thanksgiving in 1985 where Will came out, which was the subject of the season 3 episode "Lows in the Mid-Eighties".
  • Vince's sister Ro comes out as a lesbian (well, Will actually outs her).
  • Will announces that he loves Vince. Vince is also in love with Will.
  • Vince's last name, D'Angelo, is given in this episode.
  • This episode has the unfortunate distinction of being the lowest rated first-run episode in the series history.


  • Credits for this Episode.
  • Transcript of this Episode.
  • 0710-Coffee-150.wmv: Karen, Grace and Jack wait for their coffee order.
  • 0710-Family-150.wmv: Will meets Vince's father and sister.
  • 0710-Will-150.wmv: Will tries to keep everyone happy.
  • 0710-Secret-150.wmv: Ro tells Jack a secret.
  • 0710-Sal-150.wmv: Grace and Karen compete for Sal.
  • 0710-Dinner-150.wmv: Family and guests sit down for dinner.
  • Obama.wav: GRACE "Speakin' of butts, had another sex dream last night. This time I was in the shower with Barack Obama. Oh-bama, he was ba-rocking my world."
  • Thanksgiving.wav: GRACE "Will is known for his perfect Thanksgivings. Except the one where he proposed to me, told me he was gay, and then snuck out in the middle of the night while I was sobbing in bed. But I hardly ever think about that one."
  • Lemon.wav: JACK "Oh, yay. Lemon, lemon, lemon. I win a dull night."
  • RoDAngelo.wav: RO D'ANGELO "I can't get married..."
  • AnnetteDAngelo.wav: ANNETTE D'ANGELO "I've yet to meet a man who's good enough for my son..."
  • Jockey.wav: KAREN "Oh, honey, you were right. That was just what I needed. Oh, that hunky spaghetti jockey chewed my ear like he was at an all-you-can-eat calamari bar."
  • Charm.wav: JACK "It was Will, wasn't it? He got to you with his devilish charm and those piercing eyes and occasional touch, you never know what it means. Ah, Will."
  • PaulDAngelo.wav: PAUL D'ANGELO "Usually, every year, it's traditional, I give the toast on Thanksgiving..."

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Airdates & Ratings

11/25/20048:00 PM05.2/10%One Hour Special
12/22/20048:00 PM05.5/09%Special Day
07/14/20059:30 PM03.5/06%