There's Something About Larry

Joe and Larry come over for dinner
Joe and Larry come over for dinner
Title “There's Something About Larry”
Episode # 9.09 (195)
Season # 9
Original Airdate 11-Jan-2018
Writers Alex Herschlag
Producers David Kohan & Max Mutchnick
Director James Burrows

Plot Synopsis

Will and Grace's old friend Larry decides he's in love with Will. On Jack's first day as a Lyft driver, he hits his wacky neighbor Val. Karen steps in to bail out Jack, but then needs Jack to bail her out.


  • Eric McCormack (Will Truman)
  • Debra Messing (Grace Adler)
  • Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland)
  • Megan Mullally (Karen Walker)

Guest Cast

  • Molly Shannon (Val Bassett)
  • Tim Bagley (Larry)
  • Jerry Levine (Joe)
  • Emilio Borelli (Mario D'Angelo)
  • EJ Callahan (Janitor)


  • This is the first appearance of recurring characters Val, Larry, and Joe in the revival season. Val was last seen in Season 7's "One Gay at a Time". Joe and Larry were last seen in Season 8's "The Mourning Son".
  • This episode was taped November 8, 2017.


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01/11/20189:00 PM
01/20/20188:00 PM
04/07/20188:00 PM